SLAMVICH – The Best Grilled Sandwiches in K-Town

Do you like sandwiches? I do! And not just your regular “like” like; I loove sandwiches. I have eaten sandwiches from so many eateries and have fallen in love with a few over the years and they have become my regular from the menus of their eateries. I love sandwiches mad with regular bread, buns, baguette, nans and what not. I have eaten all kinds of meat in my sandwiches; turkey, bologna, sausages, pepperoni, salami, tuna, beef and of course chicken.

Despite eating it all, I have missed out on eating a good grilled sandwich. And I have seen so many videos on YouTube Food Channels which show just how to make the perfect grilled cheese or any combo with cheese sandwich. The perfect golden bread, the crunch and the succulence of the meat; my mouth waters even now thinking about it. I tried making it at home but my stove is not right for making grilled cheese sandwiches. My stove has not the kind of even heat required to grill the sandwich perfectly.


Last week, my husband and I were coming back from visiting my relatives and took a wrong turn and it turned out to be a great thing for us. You see, we stopped to consult the Google Map to get out of the labyrinth that Defence is. We saw a small eatery with the most interesting name; Slamvich. Hungry as we were, we went in there. And to our delight, we found the star of the menu were Sandwiches. We ordered Meat’n’Melt and Tender Slam. Oh boy! Love in first bite and with every bite till the end.

T11he Meat n Melt had a juicy meaty patty with lots of cheese. The Tender Slam had juicy steak slices with mushrooms and spinach in white sauce. Both of the sandwiches had the perfect golden bread and the crunch, oh-my-god. They was amazing. Slamvich is not a dine-in spot, it provides take-away and delivery options. I wish I didn’t live 40 minutes’ drive away from Slamvich. I’d have become their regular if I lived or worked nearer.

Definitely full points for taste and presentation. Anytime I have to go to Bukhari now, I’m going to have one of their sandwiches. I am guessing every sandwich on their menu will be as good as the ones I had.



Romance is in the air with Hallmark movies

I am sucker for all things romantic; books. Movies, songs, flowers, long walks on a beach with water barely tickling your feet, sunrise, sunset, two people holding hands, and that smile after seeing the one you love, that dizzy feeling you have when you are with the one you love. And the Hallmark channel movies are just pure love. I watched Summer Villa today. Oh my, what a cute love story. It is Harlequin & Mills & Boons books and Nicholas Sparks movies all rolled into one.

It swept me off my feet. It’s about two people who come together and discover love. Summer Villa is about a romance novelist, Terry Russell and a celebrity chef, Matthew Everston. Hilarie Burton plays the role of the renowned romance novelist Terry Russell and the role of Matthew Everston is played by Victor Webster. Both at a stretch in their work where there is little passion left. They meet when Mattew Everston’s sister sets them up for a blind date but they start on the wrong foot. And later they meet up at a Villa in France where coincidently both of them are staying. And by the by, they fall in love.

The Summer Villa

Victor Webster has everything that a romance movie hero should have. His looks, height, and that voice.


As far as the story and script goes, this one is so clichéd. I have seen hundreds of such movies, nothing new there. But that’s not the point. Point is, that the movie made me smile and remember how it is to fall in love. How being with someone is just right. I am so hooked up onto the Hallmark movies right now.