Random thoughts

I have been busy ever since I gave birth to my son. I’ve been busy before. While I was doing my ACCA, I taught Financial Accounting in this college for CAT and ACCA which was an hour’s drive from my home and with my studies and job I still never felt like this. I have become so forgetful of late. Forgetting coffee and tea was an every day thing for me even before but now my forgetfulness is at another level. I try to remember where I put things and some times I do, but most days I’m opening and closing drawers and cupboards without a clue where I kept my son’s school bag (yes, something as big as that).

My son is extremely hyper and active. But in the recent months he has settled down a bit. The only problem is that he doesn’t sleep. He wakes up at 7 in the morning and sleeps at 12 at night. I know, I know that its not healthy. But I have tried everything. Once when he had an allergic reaction to something, doctor prescribed him Anti-allergic medicine for a week and even after that he didn’t sleep more than his usual. So, while he is up he wants me with him. He wants me around and I can’t do things like ironing and laundry with him around. Can’t write anything constructive because how can I even thing over his chatter.

That being said, I wouldn’t change a bit about my life. I am happy as we are.