It’s Time To Take Edhi’s Mission Ahead!

When you visit an Edhi Center, you can instantly see that things could be better. Ideally, the Centers should all be in excellent condition, painted, clean, maintained gardens, simple but decent furniture, constant supply of electricity and back-up generators, air-conditioners that can be turned on during peak summer, clean clothing for residents, hordes of volunteers or staff and all residents receiving the best medical and psychological help available. We all wish for this to happen. The question to ask yourself is, what are you personally doing about this?

Visit any one Edhi Center and talk to them about numbers. Ask: how many dead bodies do they receive every day? How many lost children, women and men show up at Edhi Centers across the country every day? How many calls does one ambulance center receive per day? Considering the breadth of services Edhi Foundation offers, your questions can be endless. You are certain to be surprised by the answers.

Edhi Coca Cola 2

Yes, Edhi Centers could do with renovation and modernization of their services. Yes they could do with more volunteers and more staff. They can definitely do with upgrading their ambulance to the current global standards. No one will deny that. But recognizing this should motivate us even more to help out.

Edhi Foundation is trying to grapple state-level problems at an unimaginable scale. Are these centers perfect providing the finest care that can be compared to private institutions or welfare setups operating at a smaller scale? Maybe not. There is always room for improvement. But that being said, the Foundation is the best option available to millions of needy, forsaken Pakistanis.     

Wajid, who has been working at the Edhi Foundation for the past 15 years, provides medical care to the drug addicts admitted at one of the Centers. He shares “Edhi sb was like a father to all and his compassion was incomparable, but sometimes I feel he was too forgiving. Faisal Edhi, on the other hand is younger and pays attention to details. He is also compassionate but he is more vigilant. He is constantly trying to improve operations and iron out the kinks in the system. I admire this about him.”

Edhi Coca Cola 3

So, this Ramazan, make a pledge to go beyond just contributing some money to the organization.

Coca-Cola’s Ramazan campaign #Eidi for Edhi wants to help you achieve exactly that. Following a similar campaign that was carried out in 2017, Coca-Cola has partnered with the Foundation again for a fundraising campaign and the company promises to double all donations received during the campaign. This year, Coca-Cola invites you to go beyond cash donations, and encourages contributing meaningfully bringing joy into their lives of the less-privileged. You can donate by:

  1. Using the Coca-Cola’s #BottleOfChange or collecting #EidiforEidi and dropping these at the nearest Edhi Center or at one of the 75,000 Telenor easy paisa outlets
  2. Using Easypaisa to transfer money to the Edhi Foundation, Telenor has waived off all charges as their contribution to the Edhi Foundation
  3. Making a direct online transfer into Edhi Foundation’s bank account

FonePay Ad – Relevant and Lively

Convenience is what we all look for when we go for shopping. Yes, we want the most convenient shopping mall that’s closer to our home, we choose a time when there is little traffic and so on and so forth. And that is what Fone Pay by Master Pass is all about. And the concept of convenience offered by Fone Pay is beautifully presented in its latest ad.

See the ad below

Isn’t the jingle catchy? “Fone Pay, Fone Pay sari dunya”. I genuinely like it. I think it was clever of the advertising team as well as creative team who came up with this jingle to incorporate Fone pay within such a meaningful sentence. Yes, we carry the world in our phones. And yes, FONE PAY is indeed the name of the service. So, you see within this service, using phone you can carry the world with you.

The whole ad has a vibrancy and fresh energy. It makes you want to snap your fingers and move your foot with the beat. It is just a light, upbeat kind of an ad without any severity to it. It does lack any message but the brand message is loud and clear. The Fone Pay is for everyone, to use everywhere.

Too often we see ads that just have people dancing around in weddings whether its an ad about tea, milk, chocolate or some such thing. Point is, the entire scene set for the ad is relevant. Shopping mall, train station or any other place; you can now pay by Fone Pay.

What are your thoughts about this ad? Do you find it simple and lively to?


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Blue Band “Achayi Barhne Do” – Thoughtful Ad

Being a mother, everything related to children interests me. Recently, I watched an ad and I totally loved it. It was Blue Band’s ad. It is a very thoughtful and beautiful ad. Lately brands have been coming forward with TVCs and ads which are true to our core values and give a good message. Advertising industry has taken a turn for better. Brands are coming up with ads which are thoughtful and meaningful. They incline more towards giving a positive message to the audiences.

Ad Storyline

The ad shows a kid buttoning up his shirt and playing around the house using only one hand while he is holding his other hand behind his back. His mom, while going about her chores look at home, observing him and she looks worried. Her expressions show confusion and worry both.

The kid goes out to play with his friends and then his mom sees that all the friends of his kid have their one hand behind their backs, and then enters a kid with empty sleeve where his one hand is supposed to be and then the confusion clears away. The kid and his friends are using only one arm to be on equal level with their physically challenged friend.


I especially liked the tagline used for this ad:

‘Jab Blue Band khayal rakhay in ki sehat ka, tou aap khayal rakh sakti hain in ki tarbiyat ka’

Good concept with beautiful Message

The message of this ad is simple for everyone to see. Blue band is there to take care of health needs of kids but it’s the parents who need to take care of their character building and teach them compassion and human values. Its parent’s responsibility to teach their kids to be supportive to others and help them in any way they can. And this is what that kid is doing in this ad. He is being supportive without showing pity.


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Avari Impresses Me Again with the Italian Food Festival

Avari has become one of my favorite spots to dine with my family. Yes, they are pricey but you gotta look at all that they offer. I love their food and nothing can deter me from trying out the different food festivals they arrange. I have been to their Egyptian and French food festivals and I have had a great experience. So, I decided to try out the Italian Food Festival and I am glad I did.

Avari Towers Karachi has arranged Italian Food Festival at Asia Live to go on from 12th May to 21st May. Went there last night and it was a good experience. I haven’t had authentic Italian food before this except for eating pasta and pizza and we all know the kind of so called authentic flavours we find in Karachi. Most “authentic” called dishes served at various eateries and restaurants are adjusted according to the desi taste by adding spices to them. That wasn’t the case at the Italian Food Fest.


All the food served was prepared keeping the authentic and original recipes in focus or so was evident from the taste. It was not spicy but neither was it blend. I love salads served at Avari and this time wasn’t any different. Tried different salads and loved all of them.

The main courses where amazing too. I loved the different sauces and the different meat used for the main course. The textures and smells were great.


The Tiramisu I found at the Italian Food Fest is the best I have ever had. It tasted just perfect. A bit bitter, a bit sweet. Yum. The rest of the desserts tasted pretty good too. Specially the peach cobbler. It was too good.

So far, all the food festivals I have been to at Avari have been really good. I love the idea of trying out new cuisines and Avari Towers has offered the best food festivals to satisfy my taste buds.

Foodpanda Generated 1 Billion PKR for Food Delivery Market in Pakistan

FoodPanda Pakistan’s leading food delivery app, estimates that it has generated a staggering one billion rupees in additional sales for the restaurant industry in the last 12 months. Along with growing adaption of online service offerings in Pakistan, foodpanda has accelerated the switch from offline food ordering to online ordering through its website and mobile app, benefiting both its customers and restaurant partners.


Nauman Sikandar, CEO of foodpanda Pakistan notes: “Over the last three years we have helped customers to realize that they can spend their valuable time pursuing what they love, rather than preparing food at home. We have partnered with thousands of professional chefs at restaurants who prepare the most delicious meals of your choice for you, along with the convenience of having it delivered right to your doorstep.”


He further adds: “I am a foodie at heart and order from my favorite restaurants almost every day.I used to make tons of telephone calls each month to restaurants and the overall process was extremely painful! Finding the correct telephone number, reading out my order from a leaflet, communicating my address, and then the frustrating moment when I realize that they misunderstood my order through the phone. With foodpanda, you simply logon to our app, select or discover your favorite restaurant and place your order with a few clicks. The app remembers all your details, so you only enter them the first time. Now I can place an order at my favorite restaurant within 30 Seconds”


foodpanda estimates over 7500+ restaurants established all across Pakistan, which it aims to add to its portfolio over the next few years. Last year, the company grew its restaurant inventory to over 1,000 restaurants which is a 360% increase compared to the previous twelve months. Next to the local neighborhood favourites, foodpanda signed partnerships with national restaurant chains, such as Nando’s, McDonald’s, Sarpino’s and ginsoy. Over the last years, foodpanda has accelerated the growth of the food delivery market to around 20% year on year, compared to original growth levels of around 7%.

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Cartoon Network Carnival and My Love for Photography

I am not a professional photographer. I am merely a mom who wants to capture all the special moments of her baby’s life. He will grow up soon enough and I will have these pictures to remember these days by. Recently, my husband and I took our son to cartoon network’s carnival held at DHA golf club. The carnival was amazing. For a one year old it was a wonderland full of fun. My son babbles, gurgles and usually says a lot in his own gibberish language but he was stunned into silence as he looked from one cartoon character to another.

Though too young to ride, he immensely enjoyed the visual part of the carnival. He tried to touch every cartoon character. His favorite character was ‘Tom’ from the cartoon, Tom and Jerry. There were so many activities for kids. We stayed there for more than an hour and I took a lot of photographs from my cell phone. I never feel the need to carry a camera with me for taking pictures of making videos, as the result of my smartphone camera is simply amazing. My husband bought me this smartphone, Z12 from Q mobile for my birthday this month. And it is aa-may-zing. This is my second Q mobile phone and my experience has been great. The last one lasted for 3 years, and I only stopped using it because my niece dropped it from stairs and the screen broke into million little pieces. Still Q mobile is very affordable, so I didn’t lament the loss much.

My whole world is in my cell phone. I use instagram, FB, twitter, pinterest from my cell phone as well as check my emails on it and take pictures every day and share them with my family through Whatsapp. It runs flawlessly. The video and picture quality is very good too. And it specially comes in handy when I cannot carry a camera for special occasions and I don’t feel the need for a camera as well. With a rear camera of 13 MP and front with 5 MP, I can take high quality selfies with my son and record his milestones with video recording. Q mobile Z12 is probably the best gift and the most useful one that my husband has given to me.

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