From Dry, Damaged & Frizzy to Soft & Healthy Hair – 5 Hair Masks

So, I have had thick but dry, damaged and frizzy hair all my life. And it was the bane of my existence. I used to shy away from going to places, all because of my hair. Well, mostly. If you have frizzy and unmanageable hair, you’d know what I saying here. I didn’t feel confident. I couldn’t make any hair style. Could not let my hair down and making a ponytail or braid looked just downright dowdy as a teenager or even later. Also, my hair would all stick out from the braid. It looked hideous. I look at my old photos and wonder why I never cared for my hair the way I do now. Now that I have postpartum hair loss too. Well, it’s never too late.

I started caring for my hair about six months ago. I started using oil more, applied hair masks and carried out 100 strokes every night perfunctory, however ghastly my hair brush looked afterwards. And it all paid off. I now have manageable, somewhat straight and silky hair. Most importantly, they are healthy and hair loss is now down to what everyone faces usually.

This blog post is for you. My gift to you. I am going to share all the different hair masks I have used on my hair during this 6 month period. They all have shown great results. Initially I used these masks twice a week but now I apply it just once a week, if I use it more than once my hair turns oily, so I realized that I am over doing it. So, if you have straight or silky or prone to turn oily kinda hair, use hair mask just once a week. I also do no repeat the same hair mask every week.

So. Here goes:



The oil, egg and vinegar combination now only nourishes hair, but vinegar cleans the scalp and brings shine to hair too. Easiest home remedy for hair treatment. No need to mix things up to apply. Just grab mayonnaise from fridge and apply to your hair. As for quantity, it depends upon your hair length and thickness. Cover your hair, let it sit for 15-30 minutes and wash it off with your shampoo.




Honey, rich in antioxidants seals moisture in your hair and reduces hair breakage where as milk is a great hair conditioner.



Fatty acids in egg yolk help in deep moisturizing. This mask is perfect for dry and damaged hair.



You cannot go possibly wrong with oils. There are fatty acids and vitamins in coconut oil that help in hair growth. While olive oil moisturizes hair, vitamins in egg encourage blood stimulation to scalp by increasing oxygen production.


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This is ideal for dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Yogurt helps in reducing dryness and honey moisturizes scalp and hair.

These hair masks have changed the way my hair looked and felt. I hope these remedies help you too.

Do leave a comment if you have tried or will try one of these.



Only Hashmanis Offering Topo-Guided LASIK in Pakistan

Impaired vision can lead to an impaired life, certainly a life that’s not normal in many ways. When it comes to eye care, there are hundreds of clinics and hospitals in Karachi but can you entrust such a delicate part of your body to just any hospital? Wouldn’t you want to go to the best option available? If your answer is yes, then Hashmanis is the best choice there is. It is one of the best eye care hospitals in Pakistan.

How Hashmanis is Different Than Any Other Eye Care Hospital in Pakistan?


At Hashmanis, every patient is given due consideration and treated to the maximum standards of eye care with professionalism.

Ophthalmologists, equipment and procedures are all subject to high standards at Hashmanis. Established in 1981, they are providing best eye care for 35 years now. Till date, Hashmanis ophthalmologists have performed 250,000 cataract eye procedures at private camps and 200,000 cataract surgeries privately in its 7 hospitals across Pakistan. Some of the most renowned surgeons of Pakistan work here.

What Are Refractive Procedures?

Surgical procedures carried out to improve or correct common vision problems are called refractive surgeries. Some of the common vision problems include astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. Refractive surgeries are performed to reduce or completely remove dependency from wearing contact lenses or glasses. That is what we call Chashma Free Life in Pakistan.


Topo-Guided LASIK aka Chashma Free Life


Hashmanis offer a number of refractive surgeries but the one that stands out from the rest is the topo-guided LASIK. Hashmanis are the pioneer of topo-guided LASIK in Pakistan. They are the first ones and so far the only ones to offer this kind of surgery. It is estimated that around 30% of the people interested in LASIK surgery do not have the required eye fitness to perform the procedure. But the eye care institutions in Pakistan do not reject the unfit candidates and perform surgery like on any fit patient. If a patient goes through topo-guided tests, it can be easily determined whether he has the certain eye fitness required for effective post-surgical results. Hashmanis LASIK is considered the best in Pakistan because they offer topo-guided LASIK.


First ever Topo-guided LASIK on Facebook Live

Recently, Dr. Sharif Hashmani performed the first ever Facebook live topo-guided surgery. Hundreds of people viewed the surgery live and asked questions directly to Dr. Sharif who is an expert in this field. This surgery is performed for both eyes at once and only take about 4-8 minutes for both eyes. The Hashmanis team is very professional and offer patients complete post-operative guidance. The surgery is bloodless and painless. And very few precautionary measures need to be taken after the surgery. In fact, patients can drive, swim and perform every normal activity after 24 hours of the surgery.

If you are looking to get rid of your glasses and live chashma free life, then Hashmanis topo-guided LASIK is the safest choice.