Mediterranean Tapas at Avari Towers – A Visual Delight

Tapas are the tiny, quick beat Spanish dishes. And I have never seen food more beautiful than what was served at Mediterranean Tapas at Avari Towers Karachi. Appetizers, Savory dishes and desserts, everything looked so good that I didn’t want to eat anything lest it disturbs the way it all looked.

Believe me when I tell you that the food tasted better than the pictures. The appetizers were light and on point. Savory dishes distinctive and yummy. And what to say about the desserts; richness in every bite. I won’t go on and on about the food and let the pictures tempt you.


Savory Dishes





Curries of the World – A WonderFood Experience

My husband has never been a big fan of curries. So, it came as a surprise when last week he asked me to accompany him for dinner to Avari for having curry for dinner. Yes, that’s all he told me. Like all men, he’s always tight lipped about where we are going, whats the occasion and who’s going to be there. Men never understand that all of these questions help me decide what to wear so that one is neither under dressed nor overdressed.



Khair, upon arriving at Avari Towers, it became clear that “having curry for dinner” was an understatement. Avari Tower celebrated “Curries of the World” for three consecutive days. To say that there were curries from all over the world won’t be right coz I do not think that they have curries in the European or North and South American countries; however. The selection was huge.

Most curries were from Asian region and I loved tasting all of them. Specially coz I had been trying to control my diet by eating a lot of salads which left me in a sour mood most of the time. And I indulged myself fully at the Curries of the World. I tried and ate almost all of the dishes except for the Pakistani ones.

The food was amazing. Curries tasted really good. There were normal, garlic and butter naans to eat with curries as well as rice. There were curries from different countries, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.

Butter Chicken was the star of day. The buttery smooth taste was so good. I also loved the Sri Lankan chicken with vegetables. From Pakistani curries, there was beef nihari, beef koftay, mutton karahi, kunna, paye and some daal.

Salads at Avari are my fav part. Some salty, some tangy but all perfect. I am in love with the salads served at Avari buffet. I can eat them as the main course. Yes, they are that good.

Desserts are always good too. This time, there were traditional Pakistani dessert as well as cheesecake kinda ones too. But I stayed away from desserts this time as I have been working hard to lose weight.

It was a good experience. Loved eating such varied tasting food. I am so glad my husband insisted that we go there for the Curries of the World fest.

Singapore Food Festival

Avari Towers is my go to place whenever I go out with my family and want to eat something yummy. This time Avari Towers wowed me with their Singaporean Food Festival. And believe me; the Singaporean rice we cook and eat in Karachi could not be more different than the original ones I ate there. The original Singaporean rice resemble to Chinese fried rice both in taste and look.


Singapore is famous for its seafood. And that is what we found at Avari. There was crab, lobster, squid, prawns and fish. It is common misconception that the Singaporean food is bland but it isn’t. Most of the authentic dishes served at avari Towers were spicy.


I loved the food. Especially the Pepper Beef with Oyster Sauce was finger licking good. It was so good, the beef perfectly cooked with black pepper and oyster sauce dominating this dish. It tasted amazing. And I absolutely loved the fried banana with caramel toffee in dessert. It tasted so good.

Check out my pictures from Avari Towers to see what other dishes were served for the Singaporean Food Fest.





Avari Impresses Me Again with the Italian Food Festival

Avari has become one of my favorite spots to dine with my family. Yes, they are pricey but you gotta look at all that they offer. I love their food and nothing can deter me from trying out the different food festivals they arrange. I have been to their Egyptian and French food festivals and I have had a great experience. So, I decided to try out the Italian Food Festival and I am glad I did.

Avari Towers Karachi has arranged Italian Food Festival at Asia Live to go on from 12th May to 21st May. Went there last night and it was a good experience. I haven’t had authentic Italian food before this except for eating pasta and pizza and we all know the kind of so called authentic flavours we find in Karachi. Most “authentic” called dishes served at various eateries and restaurants are adjusted according to the desi taste by adding spices to them. That wasn’t the case at the Italian Food Fest.


All the food served was prepared keeping the authentic and original recipes in focus or so was evident from the taste. It was not spicy but neither was it blend. I love salads served at Avari and this time wasn’t any different. Tried different salads and loved all of them.

The main courses where amazing too. I loved the different sauces and the different meat used for the main course. The textures and smells were great.


The Tiramisu I found at the Italian Food Fest is the best I have ever had. It tasted just perfect. A bit bitter, a bit sweet. Yum. The rest of the desserts tasted pretty good too. Specially the peach cobbler. It was too good.

So far, all the food festivals I have been to at Avari have been really good. I love the idea of trying out new cuisines and Avari Towers has offered the best food festivals to satisfy my taste buds.

Avari Tower Karachi Celebrates Marvel Mums Lunch on Mothers Day

I have been home after a wonderful lunch for only a few hours and here I am forced to write this article on the food I ate. Yes, FORCED. Forced by that anxious feeling of sharing my wonderful experience with the world. Do you ever have that feeling where you want to share something with others right away?

So, I went to Avari Towers Karachi today for their Marvelous Mother’s Day Lunch-Munch. It was ah-may-zing. Accompanied by my mother in law, my son and husband we set out for Avari for probably the hottest day of the year. It wasn’t actually the hottest day, just felt like it. Before leaving, I told my husband that this lunch should be worth bearing the heat. And it was everything I had expected and so much more.

Let’s start from salads. Salads at Avari are always the best. I can eat my fill with salads only and every time I plan to eat more of their salads but then the main courses temp me with their aroma and looks.

The best part of the lunch-munch was that this time they had taken the best of the best dishes from all of Avari restaurants and served them. The selection variety was huge. There were Pakistani dishes, sushi bar, Mexican dishes, Thai dishes, and Japanese dishes. Food was plentiful and it all tasted good. I can vouch that all the dishes I ate tasted good.


Pakistani cuisine included dishes like Chicken Karahi, Mutton Kunna, Chicken Bihari Boti, Grilled Red Snapper with Tomato Sauce, Paneer Malai Kofta Curry and Italian Chicken. There were a lot of other dishes too but I couldn’t try them. Of all the Pakistani dishes I tried, I loved the Paneer Malai Kofta Curry the best. The kofta balls were soft and moist. Curry and koftay both had distinct paneer flavor and I loved it.

With the sour cream and salsa sauces and loved the flavor of both sauces.


I tried a bit of all the Japanese dishes that were served. Their Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Tappenyaki were really good.

A huge selection of desserts was also served but by the time it was turn for the sweets I had already eaten more than enough. Also my son was getting a bit sleepy, so we didn’t try anything, which I totally regret.

Dinning at Avari has always turned out to be a pleasure experience. This time my mother in law was with me too and she loved the food and we also partake in the lucky draw for some gifts offered for mother’s day. My Mum in law won Masarrat Misbah makeup as she won the lucky draw.

Best Deals at Dolmen Mall Clifton during Foodie Hours

Do you love to eat? Do you love to shop? Who doesn’t? Like any normal person I love eating and shopping. Dolmen Mall Clifton has combined the two favorite activities of mine to bring the best options for foodies who love shopping. DMC has now introduced Foodie Hours on the weekdays during 4 – 7 pm which is the prime time for shoppers.

And they aren’t just any foodie hours. These are the hours when hunger strikes after crazy shopping spree. From 4 pm to 7 pm you can benefit from foodie hours at dolmen mall. And you wouldn’t believe the deals the eateries are offering during these hours.

Went to dolmen mall Clifton last week with husband and kid for shopping. And it was close to 6 pm when we got free. I am always hungry if I have a good shopping experience. And if I have don’t find what I am looking for or have not fun shopping experience I just want to go home and sulk. But that day, I had a great time. So, we went to food court for eating something before heading home.

That’s where I came to know about these foodie hours. We went a little crazy and bought 5 deals, all in 2000 rupees. Yes. The food was more than enough. We went overboard but packed what we couldn’t eat and ate later at night.

The deals we bought inclided:

HobNob Café – Crispy chicken burger, chicken wings, fries and drink

Chacha Jee – Chat and Gol Gappy

Fat Burger – 2 burgers and fries

China Grill – Chicken chowmein and spring rolls

Solen Istanbul – A chicken burger and chicken wings

The food was plentiful and tasted good. The quality was regular. I mean there were no cutbacks on the food quality or quantity because of the low prices offered. We had a good time and the best thing was that I didn’t need to cook anything for dinner that day and we had plenty of the food left over.

So, if you are at Dolmen Mall Clifton avail the great discounts that eateries are offering for the foodie hours.

Wingitt – Winging it the right way

We hear about eateries opening up across Karachi every day and numerous of them close down soon after their inauguration. Reason being inconsistent food quality and lack of interest on the part of management to be interactive with the customers and keeping them engaged. Well, Wingitt is doing it right. They not only offer a great deal of variety in their menu but they also organize small activities for their customers to keep it interesting.

Yesterday, I visited Wingitt with my family and they really enjoyed the food. And yes, they don’t serve wings only. We ordered Chicken Panini, mozzarella sticks, and grilled wings with 4 flavors.


What flavors they have. I loved their buffalo chicken Panini.  The chicken was moist and sauces on point.


Too often mozzarella sticks served are devoid of any taste except that of mozzarella but the mozzarella sticks at wingitt had a kick to them because of the herb crust. They had balanced flavor and perfect string quality. And what can I say about their wings. That’s what they specialize in. Chicken wings with 4 different sauces. They were just yummy. The wings themselves were tasty with crispy skin and moist meat. Dip them into your favorite sauce and yum. I loved their nacho cheese and marinara sauces. The buffalo sauce was good too but my husband had ordered it mild which I didn’t like. I like buffalo sauce a bit hot. Well, next time HOT buffalo sauce it is. I do want to try more of their sauces next time.


Yes, I am definitely going to visit Wingitt again. It was a good experience.