Let’s Meat The Cheese

I have been to Meat The Cheese a couple of times now and have loved everything I have tried so far. And both of my visits have been oh so satisfactory. Every time I left Meat The Cheese in food coma. Yes, the food is that good. And if you love meat like I do or cherish the cheese the way I do, you’d fall in love with the place too. The only thing I’d take away points for is that they do not serve steak as per the cuts. They serve a meat hunk and though it is meaty, totally yummy; it isn’t T-bone or fillet mignon or rib eye or any other cut that you prefer. So, if you can over look this, then do visit the place. You will not be disappointment.

Here are a few pictures from the place and the food I had with my friends on both occasions.



Secret Ingredient for Frizzy, Dry Hair to Manageable Hair

I have had such serious confidence issues because of my hair that only those with frizzy and dry hair can relate to. I never wanted to go anywhere spontaneously. I always wanted a lot of notice before I had to go somewhere so that I could straighten or blow dry my hair.

But not anymore. Its been almost a year and I have been using a hair mask that has completely changed the texture of my hair.



There is a secret ingredient or mask that has changed my hair texture.

Can you guess what is the secret hair mask?



Yes, it has completely changed the way my hair look and feel. It didn’t happen overnight. But I felt the change right after using it for the first time.

What I do it apply mayonnaise, just the plain one from any brand on my hair and leave it in a bun for half an hour. And then wash with my favorite shampoo. I don’t use conditioner afterwards. As this makes my hair greasy within a couple of days.

Initially, I applied mayonnaise twice every week, then after 4 months I started using it once every week and then after a couple of months, I just started using it once every two weeks.

Mayonnaise has vinegar, oil and egg. Best ingredients for hair growth, hair nourishment and shine. And if you make your own mayonnaise at home, its better than the store bought. You can add any oil you want. Or a mixture of oils if you want.

Give it a try if you have dry hair. You’ll not be disappointed.


Steak Night at Avari Towers for Date Night

I am a foodie and enjoy steaks in particular. These days, the steaks served at a number of places are pieces of meat topped with sauce and cheese, served with a side of potatoes of your choice and veggies. These steaks should not be called steaks in the traditional sense coz they are not distinguished by the cut of the meat or the temperature at which they are served. They are always well done. I enjoy these kinda steaks but every once in a while I yearn for the old fashioned meaty delight. A proper cut steak with a sauce on the side and mashed or baked potatoes. That’s more my thing.

Last week, went out for date night with husband. It’s just something we do once in a while where we don’t go out malangs and actually dress up for dinner. So, we dressed up nice and went out to enjoy Steak Night at Avari. Avari is our kinda go to place. We love their Sunday Munch and their buffets are pretty awesome.


What I enjoy most about our frequent visits to Avari is the selection of food and the variety offered. So, there several meat cuts displayed there and we chose filet mignon for my husband with mushroom sauce and T-bone steak for me with peppercorn sauce. My husband and I ordered steaks well done and that is exactly how we found them. Steaks were as they are supposed to be. Superior quality, perfect cut and temperature. We enjoyed the meal. The only thing missing were the potatoes. With steaks I have eaten potatoes bakes, mashed, roasted, scalloped even french fries or hash browns but potatoes are an important element of steak, they complete the meal.



There was selection for makings of salads with fresh veggies, olives and cheeses and sauces. And a good thing I liked about steak night at Avari is that we didn’t need to order desserts separately. There was a selection of desserts available which included traditional sweets like gulab jamun, pudding and kheer as well as cheese cakes, tiramisu and other creamy treats.

All in all, steak night at Avari turned out to be a fun night. Had good food, stuffed ourselves with sweat treats and then came home to enjoy the cold weather with some hot coffee.



 Some people have such a personality which demands everyone’s attention. Wherever they go, whatever they do becomes center of attention. So is the case with Mubasher Lucman. Mubasher Lucman is a journalist and popular media personality of Pakistan. His name, his face and his achievements are widely known. He is a seasoned anchor of political talk shows. His investigative journalism, blunt questioning of politicians have led to an image of a bold and inquisitive personality.

He has never shied away from lime light. After all Mubasher Lucman is a media person and that is what is important for him. His affiliation with the opposition party and its leaders has led many to admire him where as many openly bash him. He has made a name for himself as a straightforward and direct person. He has always asked hard hitting questions from his guests at his talk shows and even though he has been threatened, on air and off air; he has never digressed.


Mubasher Lucman has been named as the top most media personality of Pakistan by Brands Magazine and as the second most popular personality of Pakistan after Imran Khan. To be named as the popular personality within the league of Imran Khan is indeed a big thing. Mubasher Lucman has indeed gained massive popularity and friends and foes alike can vouch for the fact that he stands with what he believes in and wants to uncover the corruption and dishonest dealings of politicians of Pakistan.

Mubasher Lucman is very active on social media and can be found sharing his views across Facebook and twitter frequently. He calls out the politicians for their untruthful statements on twitter and share his thoughts with his 4 million followers regularly.



Heart Breaking Micro Tales About Family

These just broke my heart. These are microtales about family specially a mother’s love and sacrifice.



FonePay Ad – Relevant and Lively

Convenience is what we all look for when we go for shopping. Yes, we want the most convenient shopping mall that’s closer to our home, we choose a time when there is little traffic and so on and so forth. And that is what Fone Pay by Master Pass is all about. And the concept of convenience offered by Fone Pay is beautifully presented in its latest ad.

See the ad below

Isn’t the jingle catchy? “Fone Pay, Fone Pay sari dunya”. I genuinely like it. I think it was clever of the advertising team as well as creative team who came up with this jingle to incorporate Fone pay within such a meaningful sentence. Yes, we carry the world in our phones. And yes, FONE PAY is indeed the name of the service. So, you see within this service, using phone you can carry the world with you.

The whole ad has a vibrancy and fresh energy. It makes you want to snap your fingers and move your foot with the beat. It is just a light, upbeat kind of an ad without any severity to it. It does lack any message but the brand message is loud and clear. The Fone Pay is for everyone, to use everywhere.

Too often we see ads that just have people dancing around in weddings whether its an ad about tea, milk, chocolate or some such thing. Point is, the entire scene set for the ad is relevant. Shopping mall, train station or any other place; you can now pay by Fone Pay.

What are your thoughts about this ad? Do you find it simple and lively to?


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Face Treatment That Gives Me Glowy Skin

I love buying and trying on skin care products, specially masks. But recently, I have been more hooked onto trying masks made at home by natural ingredients.

And I think I won’t ever buy masks again. Oops, sorry skin care industry.

But yeah, I have tried and tested several masks and found the perfect ones for my skin.

Sharing below the mask which makes gives a healthy glow to my skin as well tightens my ,big ugly pores too.




Yes, honey plus baking soda work great for my skin. Baking soda has anti-inflammatory,  antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal, properties. And honey is good for unclogging pores, fighting acne, giving skin a glow and anti-aging. Mixing these 2 together can give you a glowy skin without using harsh chemicals. Perfect skin with natural ingredients.


Mix 2 Tbs of Honey and 1 Tbs of baking soda and rub it all over your skin. Be gentle around the eye area, better yet don’t rub it in just let it sit. Rub this mixture for about 3-5 minutes and then leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

And that’s it. Use a toner and then a moisturizer on your skin after this.

You will find a healthy glow about your skin from the first use. I use this scrub/mask once a week.