Blue Band “Achayi Barhne Do” – Thoughtful Ad

Being a mother, everything related to children interests me. Recently, I watched an ad and I totally loved it. It was Blue Band’s ad. It is a very thoughtful and beautiful ad. Lately brands have been coming forward with TVCs and ads which are true to our core values and give a good message. Advertising industry has taken a turn for better. Brands are coming up with ads which are thoughtful and meaningful. They incline more towards giving a positive message to the audiences.

Ad Storyline

The ad shows a kid buttoning up his shirt and playing around the house using only one hand while he is holding his other hand behind his back. His mom, while going about her chores look at home, observing him and she looks worried. Her expressions show confusion and worry both.

The kid goes out to play with his friends and then his mom sees that all the friends of his kid have their one hand behind their backs, and then enters a kid with empty sleeve where his one hand is supposed to be and then the confusion clears away. The kid and his friends are using only one arm to be on equal level with their physically challenged friend.


I especially liked the tagline used for this ad:

‘Jab Blue Band khayal rakhay in ki sehat ka, tou aap khayal rakh sakti hain in ki tarbiyat ka’

Good concept with beautiful Message

The message of this ad is simple for everyone to see. Blue band is there to take care of health needs of kids but it’s the parents who need to take care of their character building and teach them compassion and human values. Its parent’s responsibility to teach their kids to be supportive to others and help them in any way they can. And this is what that kid is doing in this ad. He is being supportive without showing pity.


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