Avari Tower Karachi Celebrates Marvel Mums Lunch on Mothers Day

I have been home after a wonderful lunch for only a few hours and here I am forced to write this article on the food I ate. Yes, FORCED. Forced by that anxious feeling of sharing my wonderful experience with the world. Do you ever have that feeling where you want to share something with others right away?

So, I went to Avari Towers Karachi today for their Marvelous Mother’s Day Lunch-Munch. It was ah-may-zing. Accompanied by my mother in law, my son and husband we set out for Avari for probably the hottest day of the year. It wasn’t actually the hottest day, just felt like it. Before leaving, I told my husband that this lunch should be worth bearing the heat. And it was everything I had expected and so much more.

Let’s start from salads. Salads at Avari are always the best. I can eat my fill with salads only and every time I plan to eat more of their salads but then the main courses temp me with their aroma and looks.

The best part of the lunch-munch was that this time they had taken the best of the best dishes from all of Avari restaurants and served them. The selection variety was huge. There were Pakistani dishes, sushi bar, Mexican dishes, Thai dishes, and Japanese dishes. Food was plentiful and it all tasted good. I can vouch that all the dishes I ate tasted good.


Pakistani cuisine included dishes like Chicken Karahi, Mutton Kunna, Chicken Bihari Boti, Grilled Red Snapper with Tomato Sauce, Paneer Malai Kofta Curry and Italian Chicken. There were a lot of other dishes too but I couldn’t try them. Of all the Pakistani dishes I tried, I loved the Paneer Malai Kofta Curry the best. The kofta balls were soft and moist. Curry and koftay both had distinct paneer flavor and I loved it.

With the sour cream and salsa sauces and loved the flavor of both sauces.


I tried a bit of all the Japanese dishes that were served. Their Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Tappenyaki were really good.

A huge selection of desserts was also served but by the time it was turn for the sweets I had already eaten more than enough. Also my son was getting a bit sleepy, so we didn’t try anything, which I totally regret.

Dinning at Avari has always turned out to be a pleasure experience. This time my mother in law was with me too and she loved the food and we also partake in the lucky draw for some gifts offered for mother’s day. My Mum in law won Masarrat Misbah makeup as she won the lucky draw.

Best Deals at Dolmen Mall Clifton during Foodie Hours

Do you love to eat? Do you love to shop? Who doesn’t? Like any normal person I love eating and shopping. Dolmen Mall Clifton has combined the two favorite activities of mine to bring the best options for foodies who love shopping. DMC has now introduced Foodie Hours on the weekdays during 4 – 7 pm which is the prime time for shoppers.

And they aren’t just any foodie hours. These are the hours when hunger strikes after crazy shopping spree. From 4 pm to 7 pm you can benefit from foodie hours at dolmen mall. And you wouldn’t believe the deals the eateries are offering during these hours.

Went to dolmen mall Clifton last week with husband and kid for shopping. And it was close to 6 pm when we got free. I am always hungry if I have a good shopping experience. And if I have don’t find what I am looking for or have not fun shopping experience I just want to go home and sulk. But that day, I had a great time. So, we went to food court for eating something before heading home.

That’s where I came to know about these foodie hours. We went a little crazy and bought 5 deals, all in 2000 rupees. Yes. The food was more than enough. We went overboard but packed what we couldn’t eat and ate later at night.

The deals we bought inclided:

HobNob Café – Crispy chicken burger, chicken wings, fries and drink

Chacha Jee – Chat and Gol Gappy

Fat Burger – 2 burgers and fries

China Grill – Chicken chowmein and spring rolls

Solen Istanbul – A chicken burger and chicken wings

The food was plentiful and tasted good. The quality was regular. I mean there were no cutbacks on the food quality or quantity because of the low prices offered. We had a good time and the best thing was that I didn’t need to cook anything for dinner that day and we had plenty of the food left over.

So, if you are at Dolmen Mall Clifton avail the great discounts that eateries are offering for the foodie hours.

Wingitt – Winging it the right way

We hear about eateries opening up across Karachi every day and numerous of them close down soon after their inauguration. Reason being inconsistent food quality and lack of interest on the part of management to be interactive with the customers and keeping them engaged. Well, Wingitt is doing it right. They not only offer a great deal of variety in their menu but they also organize small activities for their customers to keep it interesting.

Yesterday, I visited Wingitt with my family and they really enjoyed the food. And yes, they don’t serve wings only. We ordered Chicken Panini, mozzarella sticks, and grilled wings with 4 flavors.


What flavors they have. I loved their buffalo chicken Panini.  The chicken was moist and sauces on point.


Too often mozzarella sticks served are devoid of any taste except that of mozzarella but the mozzarella sticks at wingitt had a kick to them because of the herb crust. They had balanced flavor and perfect string quality. And what can I say about their wings. That’s what they specialize in. Chicken wings with 4 different sauces. They were just yummy. The wings themselves were tasty with crispy skin and moist meat. Dip them into your favorite sauce and yum. I loved their nacho cheese and marinara sauces. The buffalo sauce was good too but my husband had ordered it mild which I didn’t like. I like buffalo sauce a bit hot. Well, next time HOT buffalo sauce it is. I do want to try more of their sauces next time.


Yes, I am definitely going to visit Wingitt again. It was a good experience.

Don’t Miss The Egyptian Food Fest

I love trying out new cuisines and this week my husband treated me with Egyptian food. I had never tried Egyptian Food before and I liked it. This saturday my husband, son and I went to the Egyptian Food Fest hosted by Avari Towers Karachi. Avari Towers specializes in organizing food festivals based on different regions and different cuisines. Before this, they organised a French food festival, an Australian food festival, a Turkish food festival and several more. For each of these festivals, they specially import the food staples and produce from the particular countries of which food fests they organised. This is such a huge and distinctive feature of their food festivals. I mean while living in Pakistan I can eat French sausages or Australian steak or tiger prawns or the cheese from Switzerland, this is just amazing.

Another thing that sets them apart is that all the dishes they serve in these food festivals are authentic. There is no variation in the ingredients used or the recipe that is followed to make these dishes. This gives the whole festival an authentic and original feel. Also the decor reflects the origins. Like when we went for the Egyptian Food Fest this saturday, the center pieces used for the salad bar, entree table and dessert bar looked like pyramids, Alabastar Mosque and great obelisk from Karnak Temple. The colors of Egypt were reflected in the restaurant too which looked great.

Coming to food, it was plentiful. There were so much variety that I wasnt able to try every dish. I took nibbles of each dish but they were so fulfilling and rich, I couldnt hardly eat much. And I also had to save room for dessert. One thing I have always appreciated about Avari Towers buffets is that they offer best salads. This time was no different, from olives, fried cheese, Feta cheese, humus to citric prawn salad they all were scrumptious.

Salad Bar

Egyptians mostly eat lamb so most of the dishes were made of lamb. there was mutton too but not much of beef or chicken. The dishes were mildly spicy and tasted good. Some of the dishes I tried and really liked included Zalabia Balls, Dawood Basha, Lamb Moussaka, Lamb Stew, Dajaj Kabsa, Kusharay Pasta, Mutabbaq, Roasted Chicken & Potatoes, Mix Grilled Chicken and Beef and Full Medames.


Desserts included a few of the original Egyptian sweets like Baklava, Basbusa and Om Ali. There were other choices too like chocolate and and lemon mousse, chocolate souffle, walnut tarts, egg pudding and red velvet cake.

I liked the little taste of Egypt I got at Avari Towers Karachi Egyptian Food Fest. This food festival will go on till the 7th of May. Go on, take your family to this food festival and enjoy Egyptian Food.

5 Things No One Told You About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is pure joy. Nurturing and giving birth to a living, breathing part of you, its just amazing. For first time moms, pregnancy is pretty scary despite all the information available on internet. At such time, expert advice of friends and family members comes in handy and is greatly appreciated. You will find parenting advice from Mothers, grand mothers, all friends who have have babies, neighbors and even from people who don’t know you like the supermarket girl or the woman who crosses path with you every time you go out to walk. But as great as all those advises are, everyone somehow misses to inform you of a few interesting facts about pregnancy that you might personally experience.
So here goes, things that no one told you about pregnancy:

1 –   Pregnancy may make you hate your partner

To be an emotional roller coaster, on top of all the physical changes women go through during pregnancy make most women hate their partners. May be not all, but most feel some resentment towards their spouses.
Some of the common reasons for hating your spouse during pregnancy include:
  • Men generally don’t pay attention. They still consider their women to act normally when they face bouts of morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness or extreme hunger. .
  • Two people mutually decide to have a child, but only the woman bears everything. From growing belly to swollen feet, morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, cravings for weird food, sleepless nights, and then the child birth itself and what do men do??? Wait for 9 months and they get a baby.
  • Women hate their partners for being NORMAL. Yes, women crave normalcy. Going back to caffeine and their hot bodies. Men can eat what they always do, go about their life as if nothing has happened.

2 –   Not all women love pregnancy

If you find yourself being irritated of nausea, morning sickness and feeling sleepy and fatigued all the time, then it is very normal. Pregnancy is not all joy and some women hate it more than others. It is perfectly normal not love being pregnant.

3 –   Pregnancy messes the urinal system of a woman

After a vaginal delivery, it is fairly common to lose control on bladder at times. In short, you might leak.

4 –   Pelvic Pain

pregnancypain3Organs shift, hormones change and ligaments stretch during pregnancy to make space for your growing baby, this causes pelvic pain specially in the ninth month. You are not the only one to face this, more than 75 percent of women feel pressure and pain in the pelvic area. What everyone forgets to tell you is that this pelvic pain combined with the usual accompanying back ache can be a little exhausting. Remember, you most likely have swollen feet, your back aches, you are sleeping fewer hours; all this in combination with the constant pain can be tiring.

5 –   You will miss sleeping on your belly or comfortably, period


Oh yes. I was not one to sleep on my belly before I got pregnant but I sure missed sleeping comfortably with my protruding belly. And once the kid started making his presence known, sleeping was a joy ride. Duh! Believe me when I tell you that you will miss sleeping uninterrupted.

Despite all the highs and lows of pregnancy, once your baby comes out whatever anyone told you about holding your baby for the first time would feel like nothing in comparison to your actual feelings.

Deshire – Asian Fusion Cuisine

I love eating out and trying new cuisines, sampling new flavours and eating at new restaurants every time we go out. Its a blessing that my husband shares my passion for food and dining out. We try out new eateries across Karachi almost every week. Last week we went to the soft launch of a new eatery, now opened on Khayaban-e-Bukhari named Deshire. The restaurant looked good from the outside and the ambiance inside was bright and comfortable; a mix of rustic and modern furnishings with spacious sitting arrangement. It wasn’t cramped and the place looked inviting with the high lights and open area.

We found a very intriguing aspect of ordering food at Deshire. They have these 5 colored bowls which represent different kinds of food. Blue, green, grey, yellow and red, each bowl represents food from a different food staple like blue bowl is for sea food, green serves vegetables and red is for beef.


And isn’t there something about the smell of herbs and curry and sauces which invigorates your taste buds, building anticipation and that’s what happened to us. the tantalizing smell of the food was so tempting that we ordered right away. The staff was helpful and made suggestions once we explained what we were looking for.

We ordered Wasabi prawns and smoky wings for appetizers and chicken chili, yellow egg curry noodles and Kway Teo Beef with Rice Noodles. Deshire is an Asian Fusion Cuisine restaurant so my husband and I decided to order food that we hadn’t tried anywhere before with the exception of chicken chili which is an absolute favourite of mine. It was as I like it, with lots of onion. My husband, however; likes his chicken chili with minimal amount of onion. Yay, more onion for me.

Yellow curry noodles, looked and tasted bland and missed the kick. Being desi, we like everything a little spicy. May be that is why we failed to appreciate the original flavour of the noodles.

With any new eatery, there are always a few misses when it comes to serving food for the first few times. So was the case with Deshire. But we loved the food. Deshire is perfect for you if you love trying out new cuisines. Most eateries serve only one kind of cuisine. At Deshire, you can enjoy Chinese, Japanese as well as Thai food. So, give it a go. I am sure you will love the food.

Launch of QMobile M6

With the emergence of international brands in Pakistan, we need to support Pakistani brands more than ever. We should be proud of these brands for providing products equivalent to international standards. One such brand that stands out for its innovation, excellence and customer support is QMobile. QMobile is Pakistan’s own mobile company which believes in bringing innovation, reliability & affordability into people’s lives by providing them new age telecommunication methods.

QMobile telecommunication products include tablets and smartphones. Their smartphones are reasonably priced. From low to high, you can definitely find a smartphone for your need within your budget and they have such a huge range to choose from.


Qmobile is not only a great telecommunication company, but it is also a great advocate  of and support for the fashion industry of Pakistan. Recently, at the Bridal Couture Week, QMobile lent full support to it and sponsored the event which was beautifully orchestrated. This facet of the leading telecom company of Pakistan is extraordinary. Their support means a lot to the growth and expansion of fashion industry of Pakistan.


During the Bridal Couture Week, QMobile launched its latest smartphones for which everyone has been hearing only good things. M6 by QMobile was launched at QHBCW. A kiosk was specifically set up to allow people to have hands on experience of using this smartphone. And whoever checked and used this phone was all praises for it. The distinctive feature of this smartphone is its long lasting battery of 5000 mAh which makes it unique. We all use smartphones all day long and have to charge our batteries several times a day. With M6, there is no need to plus the phone into the charger repeatedly. The powerful battery will last a long time.

QMobile M6

M6 has 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display and processor of Octa Core Cortex A53 with 4 GB of RAM. It has storage capacity of 64GB. These features make M6 an amazing smartphone. This is not all, the front camera is 8 MP and the rear camera is 13 MP. Combined with a very powerful battery, latest operating system as 2.0 Android Marshmallow, a good storage M6 is the one of the best smartphones available in the market and at just 29,500/- PKR it is just a steal.

Q Mobile M6 Specifications:

  • CPU: 2.0GHz Octa-Core Cortex-A53
  • Chipset: Mediatek Helio P10
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Supported Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE; Dual-SIM
  • Design:
    • Slim Unibody Metal Based on 6000 Series Aluminium
    • DTS Surround Sound
    • 5D Curved Screen
    • Display: 5.5” Super AMOLED with 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • Memory:
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Internal: 64 GB
    • Card slot: yes
  • Camera:
    • Primary:13 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus,
    • Secondary: 8 MP, screen flash, beauty mode
    • Fingerprint scanner
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, Infrared blaster, USB OTG
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh with fast charging support (comes with 18W Turbo Charger)
  • Price: Rs. 29,500